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LegalLegal – Powers of attorney, wills, living will, trusts and other legal documents. Do you have your power of attorney documents completed? Do you know why having a power of attorney is beneficial? If you were in a serious accident what type of life sustaining treatment would you want? Who will make medical decisions and pay your bills when you’re no longer able? What is a guardian and a conservator and when are these legal roles necessary?

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State Gets Tough On Referrals For Elder CareWashington will become the first state to clamped down the unregulated, explosive growth of elder-care referral businesses that rake in profits, sometimes deceptively, by promising to help families find long-term care for the aged.

High Caregiver Stress Increases Many attorneys become involved with families when health care issues arise, especially memory loss. I see many cases where a caregiving situation running smoothly for years suddenly turns into a nightmare. Perhaps the individual requiring care becomes combative or incontinence becomes an overwhelming task to manage. A previously comfortable situation becomes turbulent and turns into a situation where the caregiver is at a breaking point.

Protecting Your Virtual LifeAlmost anyone can be a professional guardian. Are the results the same from guardian to guardian or is there a difference between professional guardians who commit to implement the standards of membership organizations? How might wards benefit from guardians whose actions support a higher standard of care and thorough oversight? Here are a few questions to ponder regarding supervising service providers and developing service plans.

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Right Or WrongWhen the question of “Should I or Shouldn’t I?” results in ethical dilemmas, the key is asking yourself the right question.

What Are You Waiting For?Ventilators, feeding tubes and life extending measures. Have you documented your wishes?


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