Blood tests are a fairly routine activity at least once a year when we typically see our physicians. Tips to ensure a no-hassle test include requesting a copy of the “order” from your physician. Today fewer and fewer physician offices actually perform blood draws in their offices. Typically we’re sent to a lab like a Qwest or a Lab Corp. If you arrive at one of these locations without orders they will not draw your blood. Another tip is to make sure that your physician writes on the order that the results can be released TO YOU. When your blood is drawn check the labels on the containers to make sure they are marked WITH YOUR NAME. So many times test results get mixed up between individuals because of faulty labeling by lab staff and it’s a hassle to have to return to have the same test repeated. Results are normally available within a day or so and you can call to have them faxed to you or mailed to you with the written permission of your physician on the form. This ensures that you receive your results in a timely manner and have time to ask questions before your next physician visit or to actually call your physician to ask a question.

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