As I was listening to Wayne Dyer ( , one of my favorite spiritualists, while driving the car this morning (I often listen to tapes and CDs instead of the radio while I’m driving), I was reminded of the fact that our bodies are very much a vehicle, even though many of us do not think of them in this manner. Wayne’s discussion revolved around the fact that by looking at our body, one has no real idea of our essence. Our essence is our thoughts, values and everything that comes from the mind. Our bodies are just a pile of bones, skin, hair, teeth, etc. This is interesting to me from the perspective of caring for our elders. The vehicle of most older adults is worn down, it’s tired. And if our beliefs about older adults come from viewing their outside shell we are missing volumes. Most older adults have interesting stories to tell. They just need someone willing and interested to listen. They are often lonely. Some are afraid. It is in getting to know our older adults that we can revel in the richness of the experience and the richness of their person. After all, there is a young person inside that old body, just trying to get out.

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