The internet has become a haven for scams. I have many older clients who believe the hype – make millions of dollars at home from your computer, easy ways to sell your own household good and put money in your pocket, etc. Unfortunately many of these companies make big promises, take credit card information over the internet and are never heard from again. I always tell people that if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. I can’t tell you how many chain letters and offers I receive that I read and then just delete. Superstition can be a dangerous thing, however I’m still alive and nothing bad has happened to me yet as a result of deleting an email that made big promises. It’s also a good idea to be suspect of banks, credit unions and others asking for your personal information in an email that says your account has been shut down or they need personal information from you. Pick up the phone and make a call before you give any personal information over the internet.

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