You have a variety of health issues and your insurance co-pays are adding up. You’re wondering if there is a better alternative? In some cases depending on where you live there are insurance plans that have chronic care benefits that can actually reduce your overall insurance costs. The key is that you must be flexible and willing to change physicians if your current physician is not in the chronic care plan. I worked with a woman nearly a year ago who complained about insurance and rent costs however was so inflexible that she would not change physicians to participate in a less expensive insurance plan and refused to move to a community with lower rents because she was hesitant to give up her stuff. Where is the logic? It’s easy for us to become so set and stuck in our ways that we see no options where many options exist that could actually improve our lives. Sometimes we need to get out of our own way and consider new options and new ideas in order to improve our own lives. Being inflexible is only a dead end.

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