Sleeping well is a luxury of life. I know that if I have more than one night where I’m not sleeping through the night I become irritable and do not function as well. Many things affect the quality of our sleep: if we exercised during the day, how much caffeine we drank especially late in the day, if we took an afternoon nap, or even if we drank a large amount of liquid before going to bed that caused us to wake several times during the night. If you’re having difficulty sleeping there are many things you can try. Avoid taking a daytime nap or if you do be sure to limit it to 30 minutes so it really is a nap. Enjoy sunshine and the outdoors during the day; exercise. Put any clocks out of the field of vision while you are sleeping and remove the television from the bedroom. Also eliminate any bright lights from street lights etc by closing shades at night. You’ll sleep better.

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