The current housing issues that resulted in part from easy credit are causing widespread economic havoc for both the young and the old. If you live in a market without foreclosures in your neighborhood you are fortunate.  These bank owned properties often selling below market value negatively affect the value of your home.  For many who do not need to move or sell this is a moot point.  But for those considering a move in order to downsize or who must move because of a health condition the housing issue is of great concern.  Depending on the motivation for a move, is it possible to look at other options.  I have a client who had moved into an assisted living facility last fall and had a fall in January precipitating a hospitalization and stay in a rehabilitation facility to determine whether he will be able to return to the assisted living facility.  Did I mention that he still owns a home? Selling the home in today’s market is not a consideration because of the low market value.  Going back to the assisted living may also not be a possibility because of the client’s physical abilities.  One option is permanent nursing home care at rates that average $200 per day.  A second option is to have the client return home at a daily rate of $250 which in the long run may offer more emotional and physical support.  At this point I’m not sure which option will be selected but I can tell you that at least this individual is fortunate to have options in this upside down market.

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