Many of us are so attached to our homes, whether it is a house, townhouse, condo or apartment.  As I age and work with clients I can see what a burden the care of a large house with a yard can be, especially if resources are limited.  It’s one thing to be financially abundant and able to hire housekeepers, lawn care, snow removal and handymen.  It’s another thing to have to do these things for ourselves.  My husband and I live in a home with a large yard and a long driveway; best guess about 1,000 feet that needs to be plowed each time it snows.  Depending on the amount of snow, our snow blower can do the job; otherwise the ATV with a plow is needed.  Admittedly I can operate the snow blower but I have never learned to operate the ATV.  Could I, absolutely but I haven’t because I know my husband can do the task.  But what happens when we become older and like many couples, the husband passes away first, what do I do then?

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