You never seem to have enough money at the end of the month, or there is always an unexpected bill that shows up that throws you for a curve. Let’s be realistic, you don’t want to spend that much time managing your finances each month or you’ve simply lost the desire to wade into that much detail. Maybe it’s time to ask someone for help in organizing and managing your finances. This may be one of your child, a friend or a professional who can help with bill paying. I find that this is one of the areas that many older adults need assistance and the project is really not that daunting. Many older adults are not fans of automation, the type of automation that can make managing the monthly budget a breeze. Once accounts are set up on automatic deposit and automatic payment the only work to be done is to create a budget so the individual knows how much spending money exists each month. The startup on this type of project can be quite involved but once completed it almost runs itself. If you want to stop worrying about money every month find someone to help organize your bills and if you’re not comfortable asking a friend or family member, hire a paid individual to provide this service for you. Less worries equal more time for enjoyment, which is after all what everyone seeks in retirement.

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