Hearing loss is associated with depression, social isolation, decreased self-esteem and decrease in daily functions.  To those experiencing hearing loss it occurs so gradually that there is little notice of how much the hearing loss has progressed.  About half of adults over age 65 have some degree of hearing loss.  This makes many day to day activities difficult especially talking on the telephone.  Some individuals do not like to go out in crowds because of the difficulty of hearing conversations.  Use of hearing aids can have a positive effect on quality of life.  From those I know who use hearing aids, the devices can take a bit of adjustment.  Some complain of echoes.  Others hear background noises that they haven’t heard in years and this is disconcerting.  For others hearing aids are a blessing, allowing them to listen to music, watch television and return to social activities.  For others, not wearing hearing aids lets them tune out the world when they want peace and quiet and reading time.  There are always both sides to a story. Not sure whether you’re experiencing hearing loss, schedule an evaluation.

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