We are approaching a new year, 2009. At this time of the year many of us look back at the past year and make resolutions for the New Year. Health is always at the top of my list and based on statistics in the U.S. should be on everyone’s list. In spite of one of the best healthcare systems in the world, we have a greater number of individuals with chronic longer term diseases like heart disease and diabetes. A report in the Denver Post stated that most of the nation’s children are overweight and this will result in higher health care costs over the coming years. One would question what is wrong with healthcare that we don’t educate about positive habits and prevention yet we’re willing to pay insurance companies millions of dollars to solve our health problems. It’s easy to complain about the cost of insurance, but does everyone ever consider their personal contribution to the cost? I doubt it. I believe that each time an individual goes to a physician or has a procedure that they should receive a report on the total cost of the procedure and be expected to pay a portion, whether it’s a co-pay or another amount. Perhaps this would make us begin to think about how we treat our bodies and change the way we look at health versus assuming that poor health will be solved by pills or procedures.

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