You don’t need long term care insurance. It’s too expensive, you’re too young, you’re kids will take care of you and on and on. Welcome to the world of assisted living and nursing homes. It’s easier if you have money to start with and can then go on Medicaid, but you didn’t want to worry about any of these options when you decided to forego long term care insurance. Welcome to the world of unruly roommates, cliques (thought you left those behind in high school?), and territorial residents. Don’t’ even think you’re going to sit at a different table in the dining room every evening, there is a place for them and a place for you, and it’s usually not with them. And forget about sleeping through the night, you’ll get a bed check at 2 am just as you were beginning to fall asleep. Your roommate likes to watch television until midnight and you like to go to sleep early, try earplugs and a visor to block out the sound and the light. If you had that long term care insurance policy you COULD have had care in your home or at the least a private room in an assisted living or nursing home. But no, it was too expensive and you were too young and those kids who were going to take care of you, they’re long gone.

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