A statement at the end of yesterday’s post, “creating a situation that then causes the need for action” brought me to wanting to discuss this further. Another client who was told to stay off her feet, decided to get up from her wheelchair and fell. The result was an injury so severe that she will never walk again and she had to be placed in a skilled facility for the rest of her life because her family could not take care of her 24/7. And who did she blame? The family member who was not home at the time to get her a glass of water so she was forced to get up out of the wheel chair, the family member who placed her in the skilled facility, the family member who can’t give up his or her job to stay home and care for her. How is it even possible for family members to get over all the guilt that is created out of this situation? Sometimes in these cases unless there are cognitive issues, counseling with the result of resolution is an option. Many of us have experience with counselors who sit and listen and empathize and nothing ever happens, the situation never changes. However, there are some counselors who specialize in these types of situations and focus on moving through anger created by loss, guilt created by anger and many other feelings and frustrations that never seem to become resolved. If you’re in a similar situation, don’t give up, there is hope consider counseling or another route to support yourself.

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