If you look hard enough, there are people who care and want to make a difference. Some social workers in communities are the best kept secret, especially when they truly care. I presently am the guardian for a man who lives in a secured unit because he has dementia and is a flight risk. One of my projects is to clean out a storage unit and find homes for the belongings or donate them to a worthy cause. I asked the social worker if the community had a library or could use craft items that this man’s wife had stored away for years and she immediately became excited. Not necessarily at the thought of acquiring the items but at the thought of allowing this man to have access to items he may remember were in his home or items he might enjoy so that his quality of life might be more enjoyable or he might feel more ownership or at home in his new home to be. The community where he lives is good, but the interest and actions of this social worker to make his life even better is icing on the cake.

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