Can we ever see too much presidential election coverage or news?  With CNN constantly broadcasting news, newspapers available in print and online and more frequent television newscasts, news is everywhere including through our cellular telephones. I find clients obsessed with the news and upset by the news.  After all, most news is not good news.  It’s about weather disasters, financial disasters, famine and tragedy. I find that reading the newspaper gives me the same information that I get by watching the television news and that television news repeats the same stories day after day after day.  My main interest in reading the newspaper is to keep up with current events and education.  Not to read about tragedies.  I find that giving up news in general is good for my attitude and outlook on life and that if I do catch a newscast my interest is mostly in the weather forecast. Try giving up the news for a few days and see if it has a positive affect on your life.

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