When do the things we enjoy in life become so tiresome or difficult that we realize it’s time for a change? Friends of mine who have a lovely home in the mountains with land and exceptional views are considering selling their home and moving to something “practical”. Plowing their half mile long driveway is becoming burdensome in the winter and caring for their grounds during the summer has become more physically challenging. Peter and Sandra have always had a passion for the great outdoors and have been active all their lives. Sandra can’t imagine not waking up to fields of wildflowers and hearing nothing but aspen leaves rustling in the wind, but physically she and Peter are not as able as they were ten years ago. It’s a difficult decision to give up the things that they’ve enjoyed for years but it’s time for a change. Their house is on the market and they are looking for a town home or a condo with little or no maintenance that is closer to shopping, services and medical care. It’s a tough decision today to plan for their longer term needs but in this case the practicality of the future outweighs the pleasures of today.

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