When we were young, girlfriends were our life. I remember looking forward to seeing my friends at school and spending time with them during summer vacations. We did everything together much like sisters as my own sisters were older than I and already moving along in high school. In high school boys became more important and I realized after a break up that girlfriends are better. Girlfriends are there through thick and thin, through boyfriends and husbands. And since statistics indicate that most married women end up as widows, girlfriends will continue to carry us through even in later life. If you’ve let friendships slip over the years, it’s time to renew or build a new network of friends to carry you through.

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PAMELA D. WILSON, MS, BS/BA, NCG, CSA helps caregivers and aging adults solve caregiving problems and manage caregiving needs through online programs, live support groups, and an extensive caregiving library that includes articles, podcasts, videos, and webinars.

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