In my work with older adults I frequently come across individuals who ask about life or health insurance.  As you might know, it is extremely difficult to get information about either topic from companies when you call.  Just getting through the phone tree can be an impossible feat and heaven forbid if you choose the wrong number and are transferred to the wrong department and have to start all over again.  As I was talking to a friend of mine about this, she suggested I become licensed in Life and Health to better serve my clients.  It was one of those suggestions that I wondered why I hadn’t thought about before. After some investigation, I enrolled in a 2-day weekend class on the subject.  The benefit was not only knowledge that I can share with clients but even more, knowledge that I can use for myself in planning.  It is said that knowledge can be dangerous.  Now I can tell when someone is giving me incorrect information about life or health insurance.  More about this later.

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