I recently went to a presentation by a local physician about delirium. He discussed the high percentage of persons recovering from surgery who fall into this state, about 40% on average. He also mentioned that the geriatric population and individuals with any type of brain injury are more susceptible to delirium. Probably the most important fact in his speech was that delirium is mainly caused by outside agents i.e. medications and the sooner this fact can be diagnosed and addressed the better the patient will fare. Statistics show indicated a 25% increase in mortality over a 3 month period from a person who suffered from delirium and a 50% increase in mortality over a period of one year. His presentation was so interesting and appropriate that I’m seeing him tomorrow. Not for myself but for one of my clients I suspect is on too many different medications that are wreaking havoc with wake, sleep and activity patterns. This will be my opportunity to see first hand how this doctor treats patients and the outcomes and a great way to determine how many of my other clients might use his services.

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