I was the youngest child, born nine years later than my next closest brother and sister. Because of this I had the opportunity to spend more one on one time with my father growing up. It was almost like I was an only child because the other children were in high school, had moved out of the house and were well on to building their lives. My dad and I had fun. He took me fishing every Saturday morning during the summers which included scouting for night crawlers the evening before. Mom usually stayed home. I’m sure she enjoyed this time on her own. On Friday nights, dad and I usually went to watch football games. He was a custodian of a local high school and because of his love for football he enjoyed watching the young men play ball. Because of this, my relationship with my father was very different from my siblings and I know that this had an effect on the rest of my life. Sometimes we don’t take the time to think back and appreciate the little things.

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