Last winter I completed a long term care plan for a married couple. The husband had a stroke and was disabled. His wife had cancer that was in remission. While the couple was fairly financially stable and both had long term care insurance, their concern was for each other after the first one passed away. As a hazard of my profession I read the obituary column in the newspaper every day and noticed that the wife had passed away. I think back to our meetings and the concern she had in making sure that her husband would be well cared for after she was gone. At the time none of us had any idea of whether this would occur sooner or later. Unfortunately for the couple the reality was sooner. I admire their forethought in planning for each other and remember how difficult it was for the husband to discuss many of the planning aspects. Most married couples or partnerships don’t plan. Talking about end of life is not usually a pleasant discussion. I wonder if it’s easier for those who have cheated death by surviving a cancer diagnosis or other serious health event. Can we hear from you who have and how the event has affected your outlook on life and planning?

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