If you haven’t already, it’s time for the annual flu shot. I always say a small stick in the arm is better than a night praising the porcelain god. The last time I had the flu, which thank heavens was years ago, I wished I was dead. Anyone who has gone on a recent drinking binge and experienced flu-like symptoms knows what I’m talking about. It’s miserable regardless of the source of the upheaval. By getting vaccinated you’ll not only be doing yourself a favor but a favor to your family and the many others you come in contact with over the coming winter. I’ve gotten vaccinated for at least the past ten years and, knock on wood, remain healthy all winter. It’s an old wives tale that by getting a flu shot you get the flu. If that was true, everyone would be buying a lottery ticket and winning. And remember, wash your hands frequently. Most contagious illnesses are transferred by hand to face or hand to mouth contact. Be healthy not heaving this flu season.

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