Did you ever wonder how many older adults become involved with people who take advantage of them? Many times it’s one of their own family members who abuses finances and property, after all, who would press charges against their own children? Think again, because it does happen. While many older adults feel the need to have someone they know personally managing their affairs, sometimes it’s a good idea to find a professional who has no vested interest in money, property or other affairs. While there may not be an initial relationship the relationship can grow over time and may avoid many of the common issues that occur with familiarity, mainly crossing the line of “what’s yours is mine”. I’ve seen children borrow thousands of dollars from parents who later have no money remaining to provide care for themselves when they desperately need care. I’ve also seen the opposite. Whoever once said never borrow money to family or friends was wise beyond years.

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Elder Abuse & Neglect

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