Broken hip, knee replacement, shoulder issues, welcome to the world of rehab or physical therapy. You’re too busy or too proud and don’t think you need the help. Do you have any idea what you’re refusing or are you just lazy and don’t care if you walk, bend or raise your arm again? Sure rehab facilities are not places where you want to stay long term; however they are good places to regain flexibility and mobility IF you apply what you learn and practice daily. If you’re fortunate you may be able to continue receiving physician and occupational therapy at home. Again, this only works IF you do it. If you’ve been active most of your life and have exercised, this will not be a big struggle for you – you’ll do the exercises so that you can get back to your previously active life. On the other hand if you’ve been a couch potato all of your life you’ll do the minimum and then wonder why you can’t get around. Maybe you’ll even have another fall or accident soon after your initial surgery that will further impair your mobility. Welcome to the world of the unmotivated. Patients wonder why physicians become frustrated when they don’t comply. Your physician sees your medical and physical future long before you. Did you realize that if you break a hip, your physician has the power to decide, based on your medical history and level of activity, whether or not you get a full hip replacement or something as simple as a pin? It’s time to start thinking about nutrition and exercise before you have an accident that inhibits your mobility.

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