Nature is fascinating. A couple of weeks ago I was sitting outside on our back deck reading a book and I kept hearing this “chirping”. In our yard this sound is usually attributable to chipmunks. So after awhile I got up and went upstairs to the second story deck only to find a chipmunk spread out lying next to the inner wall. I figured he or she wanted to get down but couldn’t because I was sitting below, so I took my book and went inside for awhile. A bit later I went back upstairs to check the deck to make sure my little friend had safely escaped and sure as anything he or she was still there. If you know anything about chipmunks, you know that they are quite industrious and can climb just about anything; however my little friend must have been inexperienced, afraid of heights or both. So I went to get my husband and we devised a plan with a piece of cardboard and a metal bowl. I had no idea if the little creature would allow him or herself to be caught but we figured it was worth a try. With the skill of my husband we were able to capture the chipmunk and free it into the grass where it quickly scampered off. I find that I learn a lot about myself and others in simple situations like this. Even though there was no human at risk involved, I couldn’t just let the chipmunk perish on the top deck. And even though my husband was otherwise engaged he took time to rescue a small creature that can do more harm our wood siding than most creatures. Nature is fascinating and it teaches us all kinds of things about ourselves. Kindness is just not for humans.

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