Can exercise and proper nutrition reduce risk factors of aging?  A Kaiser Permanente television advertising campaign reports that 1 in 2 Coloradans are overweight or obese.  It’s well known that obesity, now a national epidemic in the United States, is a risk factor for early death and is associated with an increase in inflammatory and chronic disease. However it is also documented that physical fitness can reverse or reduce these risk factors (Sui, JAMA, 298, 2507-2516). So why isn’t there more education about the risks of obesity resulting in chronic disease from the medical profession?  Many physicians likely fall into the category of overweight or obese, so how can they counsel a patient about weight when they suffer from the same problem?  Weight is a contributor to Type II diabetes.  More children are overweight today than in previous decades indicating that our now long lifespans will be shorter by the time these children grow to adulthood because of an increase in chronic disease.   How do we win the personal battle of eating ourselves to death?  Exercise, hire a personal trainer or health coach.  Spend time with others who have an interest in health and activity.  Learn about the foods you’re eating including the sodium, fat, protein and carbohydrate contents.  Complete an annual physical including blood tests that show cholesterol, triglyceride and other levels so you have a starting point from which to improve your diet.  Eat smaller portions to understand the amount of fuel your body needs (not wants) to operate efficiently.  Start today.


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