Do you ever feel that you have so much to do that you just have to keep on going and going? I admit falling into this habit frequently. I make lists of things to do each day and sometimes forget to list “fun”. I love nature and being outdoors and the recent rainy weekend we had reminded me that fall is not far and winter is coming even sooner. Spring, summer and fall are my favorites. Winter means shorter days when it’s dark by 5pm and I just want to climb into bed versus going to the gym in the evening. It means snow that I find beautiful unless of course, I have to be out driving in the slushy mess. I probably see more movies and read more books in the winter because I am indoors more often. In a sense the change of seasons causes me to slow down and concentrate on different types of “fun”. After all, who could possibly enjoy an entire year of warm weather (hint = me). When we lived in Southern California we were spoiled by warm weather and I had the most fantastic year round garden. The downside was the cost of living and the crowds, not to mention the pollution – remember seeing the quality of air in Beijing while watching the Olympics? I appreciate living in the Denver area much more and have learned to change my idea of “fun” based on the seasons. Remember to put “fun” on your list of things to do, regardless of the season.

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