You’ve decided that home is the place for you but you know you need to make some revisions.  The stairs are a bit more difficult to walk up.  You’d rather sit to bathe than stand because you have balance issues.  The throw rugs that used to be decorative are now things you must navigate around so you don’t trip on them and fall.  It’s become more difficult to dial the telephone because your vision has decreased and the darn numbers are just too small.  Through all of this, there is good news.  The number of assistive devices to support these types of issues increases daily.  There are double stair railings, shower chairs, telephones with large numbers etc.  No matter where you live there are either physical stores offering these type of products or stores on the internet where you can search for related items.  Sometimes just a phone call to an assistive device store is helpful to explain your need and to allow the store personnel to make suggestions.

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