I am always amazed by the dedication of spouses in caring for a loved one even if the situation is not dire. I recently met a married couple, one of whom was diagnosed with early Alzheimer ’s disease. While the wife is not able to work, she is able to remain at home with minimal supervision. The husband who is in his fifties has turned his life around to care for his wife. My husband often asks if I would do the same for him or as he says, “If this ever happens to me, put on my skis and take me out to the back bowls of Copper Mountain”. I always joke, since I’m not a skier and say that I’d have to have one of his friends do this because if I took him to the back bowls of Copper Mountain neither of us would be coming back, or at least he would have a better chance than I since I’m not a skier. In any event, my admiration and my depth of personal learning continues to grow as I see the increase in situations like this. It makes me appreciate even more the life I have and realize that we must have a little bit of joy in every day because we really do not know what is just around the corner.

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