I recently read an article somewhere about married couples being married but living separate lives due to work and other issues. I found the article interesting because I found it so relevant. Both my husband and I are self employed which means that if we don’t work we don’t make money and if there’s no money, the bills don’t get paid. It would be very easy for us to work, work, and work. And sometimes we do, however I also try to make sure that we share something every day, even if it’s just sitting watching a television show before bed. It would be so easy to not do this type of thing and then years later find that we’re strangers. How many of you find yourselves in a similar situation? Make plans, do something together every day and plan that one special thing you’ll do at least once a week, whether it’s a movie, going out to dinner or some other event. I see this “separate life” idea in many of my older couples who no longer speak to each other. They tell me they have nothing to say to one another, yet they will talk to me or a stranger for hours. I can easily see how this happens. I see it in my younger friends who have babies and then all of their attention as a couple is focused on caring for the baby and it seems they no longer have time for each other. This separateness just creeps up on us. I don’t want it to happen to me.

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