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Costs of CareCosts of Care – Individuals and family are shocked when they realize needed care is not reimbursed by Medicare or private insurance. The care most beneficial to older adults as they age is care paid for privately to support ongoing independence. Government programs, like Medicaid, do exist. How will you or your loved ones pay for care? What options are available?

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Financial and Wealth PlanningFinancial and wealth planners support clients to grow assets, manage wealth, and some life planning. Expertise is associated with the letters after names: CFP, CFA, ChFC, or CLU. If you are a financial or wealth planner do you have the expertise to help clients develop life plans that include planning for health, aging, and care needs? Are you aware of the changes to a financial plan when your client becomes a caregiver or a care receiver? Do you know the costs of care?

The Hidden Costs Of Free ServicesEver wonder how a service that touts itself as “FREE” can operate if it doesn’t charge the client a fee? I was recently working with a client on the subject of medical and legal issues. She told me she had consulted with a placement agency who recommended several retirement communities her mother. The places recommended offered appropriate care and had good reputations, however there were two other excellent residences right in this woman’s neighborhood that were neither recommended nor mentioned to her. I suspect that the smaller, local residences could not afford or did not wish to pay the fee that was required to be on the referral list of the placement company offering the FREE service.

Procrastination Is ExpensiveA client I met decided to support her mother, Eleanore, by inviting her to live in the basement apartment of the home she shared with her husband and two children. When Eleanore first moved in six months earlier she was fairly able to take care of all of her own needs. Unexpectedly, Eleanore fell and fractured her pelvis and several vertebrae in her back. The fall resulted in a hospital stay and two months of rehabilitation at a local nursing facility.


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The Limits Of ExpertiseThe danger of damaging your reputation by acting as an adviser in an area where you are not an expert.


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