With the holidays approaching it’s easy to get caught up in all of the hustle and bustle of shopping and decorating. While we are definitely attending and hosting some celebrations, I’ve stopped decorating. The problem with decorating is that once the decorations are placed they have to be taken down and put away which for me has become too much work. It’s easier for me to purchase a few poinsettia plants, a small plantable fir tree or a rosemary bush. Since I’m a plant lover my decorating turns more to plants than decorating a tree with lights and ornaments. Many years ago when we lived in California, my husband purchased a plantable fir tree for the holidays which we then put in the yard. During the time we remained in California this small 2 foot tree grew to over 10 feet. It was amazing and I was proud of the fact that we did something to help the environment versus cutting down a real tree. How many of you have different holiday preferences or traditions that make the holidays a little less stressful?

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