You live in a town home complex and need some work done around the home. Rather than asking neighbors, ask the management company who administers your homeowner’s association. It’s not to say that your neighbors don’t know a good handyman, but the qualities and qualifications they seek may not be the same you require. I have a client who used the recommendation of a neighbor only to have hundreds of dollars wasted on substandard work from a contractor who was not even licensed; the supposed contractor even had his wife involved trying to collect money. If you live alone you must take extra care to know that anyone you use for a home repair project is reputable. Your homeowner’s association management company most likely can give you a reliable reference for any type of work you need and you won’t have to worry about shoddy work or a repair person who seeks to take advantage. After all if you don’t take steps to protect your safety and financial well-being, who will?

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