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Alzheimer’s and dementia are concerning diagnoses that presentopportunities for prevention at all ages even older adults in their 90’s without the diagnoses. Our brain and systems of the body work together like a computer program to ensure that the machine, we call our body, runs well.

Caregiver stress and anxietyAdult children become caregivers for aging parents. Differing levels of stress result from the type of support provided. Some adult children provide less intensive support described as social and practical support. Others provide more intensive hands-on physical care that is necessary when the health of an aging parent declines.

Self-EsteemCaregivers are known for self-sacrifice, placing their needs below others, and ignoring their own health concerns. Standing up in a caregiving role is important for a number of reasons. Caregivers who are comfortable asking for support feel like they have more control over the caregiving situation.

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