When was the last time you called an old friend who you hadn’t spoken to in awhile? I’m trying to make this a regular practice. Several weeks back I called a friend in South Carolina who I hadn’t spoken to in two years. We met each other in Omaha, Nebraska many years back and have kept in touch over the years, sometimes even meeting for a quick vacation. But over the past two years my friend has been busy with her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over ten years ago and with her daughter who has a learning disability. Sometimes family takes us away from friends, but good friends understand and when we reconnect it’s like we never disconnected in the first place. As a female, I think it’s especially important to maintain friendships. Girlfriends last forever and I imagine that once I’m retired I will travel and do things with my girlfriends like we did when we didn’t have the worries of working and taking care of family. Do something nice for yourself. Reconnect with an old friend this week.

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