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Welcome to the Caregiving Blog: Caring for Aging Parents. Here you will find helpful caregiving blog articles as well as podcasts and transcripts from The Caring Generation® radio program for caregivers and aging adults. Use the social media buttons at the left to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, to email a copy to family or friends or to print a copy. All posts are written by caregiving expert, Pamela D. Wilson.


Caregiving Blog: Caregiving Burnout

Caregiving burnout is a condition associated with the time commitment and types of care provided for an aging parent or loved one. Burnout results from the multiple caregiving roles and responsibilities of family caregivers. Consistent effort is needed to support good...

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Caregiving: Care Planning To Address the Abby Normal

Caregiving and daily life routines that result in the development of a care plan may prove to be a fascinating subject when caring for elderly parents. How many of us are in a routine that seems normal but when viewed from the outside may be considered abnormal or at...

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The Caregiving Trap Kindle $0.99 Promotion

After years of writing and re-writing, my book, The Caregiving Trap: Solution's for Life's Unexpected Changes, will be released on October 6, 2015.  An early sneak peek of the e-book is available through Amazon's Kindle Library. This coming week, from July 15-17, The...

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Caregiving: A Voluntary Trap?

I work with many caregivers who feel trapped by the role of caregiving.  I help and support many older adult care receivers who also feel trapped by caregiving; trapped in aging and weak bodies, trapped by the idea of needing care and trapped by situations that in...

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Medicare Doesn’t Pay

 Family caregivers are often shocked to learn that Medicare does not pay for the type of care most beneficial to family members who need care and support to remain at home.  Medicare A and B pay for hospitalizations, rehabilitation in nursing...

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Too Busy To Care

How many of us find ourselves too busy to really care?  I recently helped a client identify a care community for a loved one who experienced a long list of health complications.  This was a rather long journey of identifying communities, having...

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Protecting Your Virtual Life

My niece recently posted questionable information on the internet that appeared on my Facebook page because we were friends; after reading the content I immediately and secretly “un-friended” her.  I didn't want the information in her post to...

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Caregiver Isolation

Caregivers deserve kindness, support and empathy.  That's often the opposite of a caregivers daily experience.  The general public isn't drawn to sad, unexpected or unpleasant events in life.  Sad events happen only to other people:  a diagnosis...

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