My family will take care of me. More than a fourth of employees today are challenged with balancing job responsibilities with the responsibility of caring for an older adult relative.  These numbers are expected to increase. I knew the ring of the phone, late on Sunday evenings or in the middle of the night. My mother would be calling to ask to be taken to the emergency room. I was the unmarried child and the most available and would rush over to pick her up and go to St. Joseph’s hospital where we would remain sometimes for hours depending on whether they admitted her or sent her back home. I did this willingly for years and went to work the next day bleary eyed. I spent lunch hours visiting at the hospital or checking up on a number of other related tasks. I loved my parents and would not have done anything different. I think many of us feel that way. But how would our lives been different or easier if we were more knowledgeable and planned earlier for these events?

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