Caregiving, we all have days when we just feel like giving up.  Whether it’s relationships at work or caregiving relationships with other family members. For caregivers, the idea of finding a bigger perspective is helpful, especially in circumstances where we become frustrated or overwhelmed by caregiving duties.  Take a walk, get away for a couple of hours and see how the perspective in your mind changes.  Sometimes a little distance is all that’s needed to help us see the situation in a more positive manner.  There is always a bright side to every situation — even if the bright side is a lesson we are learning.  Sometimes, especially in caregiving, it takes persistence and making a choice to see the positive in life.   If you are an overwhelmed caregiver, click here for some tips on how to manage. Becoming a more educated caregiver will help reduce the overwhelm and uncertainty.  Learning how to talk to loved ones about caregiving situations has the potential to improve caregiving relationships. Caregiving is work just like many other things in life and it takes effort to have a successful caregiving relationship. 

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PAMELA D. WILSON, MS, BS/BA, NCG, CSA helps caregivers and aging adults solve caregiving problems and manage caregiving needs through online programs, live support groups, and an extensive caregiving library that includes articles, podcasts, videos, and webinars.

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