Caregiver Overwhelm in Decision Making

By Pamela D Wilson CSA, CG, MS, BS/BA

In caregiving and healthcare, decisions can be final, irreversible. Family caregiver decisions made in haste may be regretted later.  For example when a decision is made without enough information, when the right questions are not asked or when absolute belief is given to the opinion of another without the inclusion of simple reasoning regrets may occur. How many times do the emotions of others involved in a situation quickly become our emotions and lead us down the path to making the wrong decision?  How do we know what or who to believe?  Especially when we’re in the midst of an emerging crises and a decision must be made – now.

In any situation requiring an important decision, it is critical to seek individuals, whether in our own families or an expert or advocate, able to set aside the emotion and the chaos of the situation to help us focus on realities, available options and consequences of the choices to be made. It is important to think critically giving consideration to available options.  From my personal experience, mistakes are made daily – lives are lost daily due to the provision of erroneous information based on emotion or personal opinion rather than expertise.

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