Your parents need a little help and you’re unsure where to look. A friend gave you a list of home care companies, now what? Here are some “buyer bewares”. Most companies have agreements that are generally standard; however question companies who require an initial deposit to begin service. Second, ask about whether and how the company trains its employees. Most companies say they train employees, however many have no regular system or process for doing so. Last, ask about supervision. Is there a supervisor responsible for ensuring client satisfaction and for supervising employees? If they can’t readily give you the name of a supervisor when interviewing the company you can be assured they lack standards of care and quality. I often work with clients who do not either have the time or expertise to interview caregiving companies. Based on client need and preferences, I can save them time and money by making recommendations that usually work the first time. It’s common for clients having a bad first time experience to worry that there is nothing better available. Know that there is.

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