Burial or cremation? I often ask this question to my clients who are planning their final wishes. I’m finding that more and more people are opting for cremation. Many say it’s less expensive and that they are not their “body” anyway. There are also many options for memorializing the ashes of yourself or a loved one, such as the unique memorial provided by Heart In Diamond.  My parents were very Catholic. They went to church every Sunday and were involved in the church community. My grandfather had purchased a large family burial plot with enough spaces for the entire family. Even though my parents believed the soul leaves the body, they preferred burial. And in the Catholic church, burial is an event that involves a rosary, a wake, a church service, cemetery services and an after party — or at least it did for my parents. My wish is cremation and I don’t even know that I want a service. I often wonder what makes such great generational differences or if it’s even generational differences that create the preference. This is one area where I haven’t done much research and I’d be interested in your opinions. Burial or cremation? Which and why?  Return from Burial or Cremation? – How to Decide to the Caring for My Parents Home Page

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