Are you excited about what you do? I met with a friend the other day that provides computer services.  Because of the current state of the economy his business is at an all time low. He is concerned about his ability to care for his wife and twin daughters. I, being the eternal optimist, gave him multiple suggestions about what he might do to supplement his income. He looked at me with a fatalist view and said, “you’ve built a foundation to move forward,” I haven’t. Until he said that to me it didn’t occur to me that people don’t naturally build foundations. Yes, I’ve had fantastic employment opportunities and have worked in my current field for nearly ten years. The best part is that I love what I do so it’s not really work most days. Sure there are days when all I can do is turn off my computer at the end of the day and put on my sweats to sit in front of the television. But most days I make a difference. I believe anyone can make a difference. I believe my friend can make a difference and can build a foundation to do something to supplement his current income. Unfortunately he’s stuck and not open to new ideas. In the time I’ve known him I’ve never really seen him in this light. And I began to wonder, how often do we stall or resist new ideas in our roles as advisors, caregivers, physicians or other occupations?  Someone told me the other day that most people resist simple ideas however in most cases they’ve never implemented the simple ideas that can turn around the most dire of situations.

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