You’re seeing little signs with your parents that things may be getting out of control. Stacks of papers piling up with what appears to be unpaid bills or a house not as clean as it once was. However, you may choose to ignore the signs and delay the inevitable because you just don’t have time to deal with this right now or you don’t feel that your parents would like you butting in or taking over. Sometimes parents find interest from their children a welcome blessing – and other times it’s a blatant attack. Unfortunately you won’t know until you bring up the subject. The resulting conversation may not be as bad as you fear. When you bring up the subject, it’s best to bring it up early when you see the problem just beginning. It’s also a good idea to bring solutions that may not include you being the only source of help. Doing this early will allow your parents to consider the idea before it becomes a necessity. Ideas are always better accepted if the person thinks it is their own idea.

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