I met an amazing married couple today both in their mid-nineties and still healthy and able and one would never guess their age, or at least I missed by about a decade. Their oldest daughter is seventy years old and the youngest is fifty. I asked their secret. Both stated that staying active is important. Millie still quilts, crochets and stays up with the latest news. She said she recently had to give up hiking due to an issue with her ankle. Robert, her husband remains active with gardening in good weather and still walks outside; he is an avid researcher of holistic health. We talked about their health and the fact that we all shared a belief in vitamins and natural remedies versus medications if at all possible. They let me onto their secret, a naturopath who lives in Indian Hills. I am a strong believer that the better we care for ourselves at whatever age the better and more able we will be in our older years. I’ll see if I can invite Diane, the holistic practitioner to comment.

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