Napoleon Hill, a well known author, believes that the power of a positive mental attitude determine the circumstances of life.  His foundation ( continues its work still today.  Having a positive attitude makes everything easier.  We all have the choice to wake up and believe it’s going to be a great day or a terrible day.  Whatever we believe is likely to come true. Napoleon’s writing will tell you that belief is the first thing but taking action makes beliefs come true.  Spring is here; trees and bushes are budding.  While I can believe I’m going to have the most beautiful yard this year, it won’t happen unless I take action.  The 500 tulip bulbs I planted last fall will be eaten by the deer unless I place netting around the area when they start to peek through the ground.  The same goes for the bushes I planted in front of my house.  Once the snow is gone, it’s time for netting or the time and money to plant and purchase the bushes will be wasted. Whatever your belief, if you have a passion, combine it with continuous action to make it happen.  Spring is a time of rebirth and regeneration.

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