It’s amazing how we ignore advice and then wonder how we got here?  Let’s start with weight.  Millions of Americans are overweight, concerned about weight, frustrated about weight and have health problems that result from being overweight.  Being overweight contributes to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many more chronic diseases.  The solution is very basic.  Expend more calories from activity than we eat. Admittedly there are individuals with health problems that complicate following such a simple formula, but for the masses, this solution can work.  So why are so many still overweight?  It’s simple. Just as in life, having self discipline is difficult and many people just don’t care.  The consequences happen later in life when high blood pressure or diabetes or arthritis occur. Then we wonder “how did we get here”?  The fact is we were with our bodies all along.  We just ignored the consequences of our actions.  Care for yourself.  Consult your physician if you’re overweight.  Begin an exercise program.  Watch your diet.  When you’re older you’ll be happy you did.

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