Becoming a Guardian for Your Father

Your mother recently died, leaving your father with dementia who can’t really care for himself. You are considering becoming a guardian for your father.  Family relationships have been strained for years. None of your brothers or sisters want to take responsibility for the care of your father.

becoming a guardianYou really don’t want the responsibility either but you feel guilty.  Dad can’t really take care of his finances, healthcare needs and really shouldn’t be driving.  You’ve spoke to his doctor and guardianship was mentioned.  Becoming a guardian seems like a lot of responsibility, not sure whether you want to do this or not.  You wonder how becoming a guardian might change your life.

Your mother cared for your father as an agent under a medical power of attorney but did not create a will with any provisions for transferring the care of your father. No one expected your mother to pass away so unexpectedly. You’re not sure what to do but guardianship seems like the next practical step.

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Pamela’s online guardianship course offers insights about medical decision-making, legal incapacity, how to petition for guardianship, and the responsibilities of becoming a guardian.

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