I recently called the hairdresser of a woman I help to inquire if she had cashed a check written by my client the other day since it was about to bounce due to insufficient funds in the account. The hairdresser was thankful for my call and more importantly relieved that my client had someone to help. She relayed stories of concern and worry to me but had no idea how to help or even where to go to find help for my client. I hear similar stories all the time from worried friends or neighbors who want to help but aren’t sure how, especially when there is no family involved. Sometimes it’s a hard decision but a good decision to contact the county adult protective services. Individuals working in this department are usually skilled in evaluating situations and accessing resources to assist individuals who have been reported. There is usually a bit of guilt in reporting a friend or a neighbor but one must also think of the fact that if no one cares enough to help this person a tragedy may occur.

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