Many of you have probably heard of core strength, pilates or similar training. This is especially important while we’re younger to prevent issues later in life. We all see our parents struggle to stand from a sitting position, those who tire easily after walking 50-100 feet, require walkers for balance or are in poor physical condition. Flexibility especially the ability to touch our toes to put on shoes becomes a task that many older adults struggle to perform. This condition will happen to all of us unless we do something to change it now. Core strength and stability helps us survive balance disturbing events like swinging our arms, turning our head, tripping on a threshold or being bumped by another person in a crowd. Maintaining proper posture is also important in maintaining balance. Look into a program at your gym or taking a class to ensure your core strength is strong as you age. If your parents are already having balance and mobility issues, talk to their physician about prescribing a physical therapy program to improve these conditions.

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