We’ve all heard that knowledge is power. This is especially relevant when referencing knowledge about a particular condition or disease. For example the American Parkinson Disease Association, http://www.adaparkinson.org offers a substantial amount of information and educational materials on the website. The organization has been in existence nearly fifty years and serves to “ease the burden and find a cure” for Parkinson Disease. The local website for the Denver area is http://www.parkinsonrockies.org the office located off Colorado and I-25 offers a wealth of free resources. They have a lending library where one can check out books about Parkinson Disease and return them just like a regular library. On the website and in the office they can provide individuals with lists of information on exercise classes, support, groups, education etc. There is no reason that anyone should ever not be informed or knowledgeable about Parkinson Disease when these wonderful resources exist. The best way to be kept up to date is by joining the organization for a reasonable annual fee. This entitles members to receive the quarterly newsletter and other benefits. If you or someone you know has a Parkinson diagnosis do them a favor and purchase a membership, call the local association for information or visit the association office. You’ll be glad you did.

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